We’re all in this together. Fair enough – we’ve watched our respective communities come together with local businesses helping any way they can. Media outlets are providing subscription-free access to COVID related articles as a public service. My local bakery is giving away a free loaf of bread every day to anyone who’s been laid off.

We, at Style Analytics, decided that we can also help and do our part in this global fight against the impact of COVID-19. That’s why we’re giving away our factor performance reports and a flash factor analysis of any equity portfolio. The way we see it, everyone involved in equity investing – fund managers, pension funds, ETF sponsors, consultants, endowments, investment and wealth advisors, and so on – can benefit from understanding how the markets have moved from a factor perspective and how their portfolio’s factor profile may have been affected. If it can help someone better position their portfolio, then we’ll be glad we could help.

You can get your free reports and request a complementary portfolio assessment here.


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