An extremely fast and thorough analysis that pinpoints what caused a portfolio’s factor exposures to change. Zoom into your portfolio’s dynamic changes like never before.

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Spot all factor exposure changes in seconds

Did the manager cause the change or was the change due to market movements? DeltaZoomTM answers these questions by investigating how market movements, trading decisions and factor changes impacted your portfolio.

Can you isolate the changes that matter to your investors?

DeltaZoomTM can! Use this to delve into changes by region, country and/or sector all the way to security level.

Answer every penetrating question about portfolio changes

Portfolios change all the time, and you want to know how and why. DeltaZoomTM gives you the intel to answer your questions quickly and completely. Substantiate your investment decisions thoroughly and confidently.

DeltaZoom™ Resources

Download or view our associated DeltaZoom™ resources and client stories to understand the what, where and why of your portfolio changes.

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