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18 April 2019

Showreel: Reworking ESG Event

Our showreel captures the highlights of our Reworking ESG event held in London on 26 March 2019. Our event brought together industry experts to discuss the importance of ESG integration, not just into a portfolio, but in the overall process and operations of a business.

Our morning was opened by John Kay with a well homored keynote describing the fall in faith in UK businesses and how integrating ESG principles are the cornerstone of driving good governance and should, in time, rebuild investor confidence.

This was followed by a very engaging panel on how sustainability and integration of ESG is more than just focussing on fund performance. Bernie Nelson, our resident factor expert, demonstrated our ongoing commitment to bring innovation to the investment community, by presenting our latest ESG product developments.

Colin Mayer closed the event by reminding us that the purpose of business is to solve people and planet problems, not harm them. To ensure that companies were committed to doing this, there was a requirement to incorporate standardisation into the financial accounting framework so investors could more easily understand how ESG is being integrated into their business practices.