Damian Handzy, our Head of Research and Chief Commercial Officer, sat down with CNBC Street Signs‘ anchor Joumanna Bercetche to discuss which types of stocks are likely to do well regardless of who wins the U.S. Elections.

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Investment factors can really matter in elections

Widespread voting by mail could lead to another US election result delay. We studied factor performance in 2000 when the Bush vs Gore election result was delayed.

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Which stocks will outperform after the 2020 US Presidential Elections?

Some factors regularly outperform after US Presidential Elections, click the link  below to see how….

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US Election: What will markets do next?

Donald Trump, the bulk of the Republican party and many Trump followers continue to behave as if he won the election while everyone else, including financial markets, accepts the reality of a Biden victory. But Trump’s efforts can still cause turmoil. How will markets react?

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