London, 26 February 2019 – Style Analytics, the provider of factor-based analysis software for investment professionals, announces the opening of new offices in Paris and Shanghai.  

The Paris office will be run by Zenja Sabah Randjelovic who joins as Sales Director for Continental Europe. Zenja has over 20 years in selling financial software solutions. Zenja will be based in the new office located at 6 rue Duret, 75116 Paris and will focus on extending the Style Analytics footprint throughout Continental Europe.

Additionally, the Shanghai office located at JinMao Building, 88 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai, will be run by Nicole Wang, Business Development Manager, who has relocated from our London office to Shanghai. Nicole’s combined bilingual and product expertise are essential to grow the Style Analytics footprint as well as supporting our growing number of clients in Asia. Jamie Spark, Managing Director, Asia Pacific will continue to lead the growth plans for the region.

Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of Style Analytics, comments, “We have seen a surge in interest in our platform as institutions are increasingly using factor approaches to support their communication about the drivers of their performance and we are pleased to announce that we have won 25 new clients in the past twelve months. We are now concentrating on expanding geographically and I am delighted to have made these two significant appointments in key regions for our future growth.”

Style Analytics’ products and services are designed to help institutional investors and investment managers determine which factor exposures are impacting portfolio risk and performance.  The growth in uptake can be seen in the amount of recent client acquisitions, which include 15 in North America, 3 in the Asia Pacific region, and 7 in Europe.


Julia Streets, Caroline Villiers – Streets Consulting



Tel: +44 (0)20 7959 2235


为投资专业人士提供因子分析的软件,Style Analytics,2019年2月26伦敦宣布 在法国巴黎和中国上海设立新的办事处。

Zenja Sabah Randjelovic女士将负责巴黎办事处的运营,她是欧洲大陆的销售总监。 Zenja女士在销售金融软件,提供金融解决方案方面拥有20多年的经验。 Zenja女士的新办公室将设在巴黎的75116 rure Duret,以此专注于扩展Style Analytics在整个欧洲大陆的足迹。

此外,上海办事处将由业务发展经理Nicole Wang负责,她从伦敦总部搬迁至上海浦东世纪大道88号金茂大厦的办事处。Nicole的双语能力和产品专业知识,对于发展Style Analytics足迹,以及支持我们在亚洲的客户数量不断增长至关重要。亚太区执行总裁Jamie Spark将继续领导该地区的扩张计划。

Style Analytics首席执行官Sebastien Roussotte表示, “我们已经看到专业人士对我们平台迅速增长的兴趣,因为越来越多的金融机构,通过因子分析的方法来支持他们的收益归因,因子解释逐渐成为一种交流语言。我们很高兴地宣布在过去十二个月,Style Analytics赢得了25个新的客户。现在集中精力扩大地域范围,我很荣幸能够在这两个关键地区,为我们未来的发展,作出以上两个重要任命。”

Style Analytics的产品和服务旨在帮助金融机构投资者和投资经理确定哪些因子正在影响投资组合的风险和收益。从最近客户收购的数量增长中可以看到,北美地区新增15家,亚太地区新增3家,欧洲新增7家。


Julia Streets,Caroline Villiers – Streets Consulting



电话:+44(0)20 7959 2235

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