We are excited to reveal that we have launched a new ESG Factor simulation tool, leveraging Sustainalytics’ ESG research and data. Sustainalytics is the leading, independent global provider of ESG and corporate governance research and ratings to investors. Powered by this unique data, our new ESG factor simulation tool will help clients optimise and understand the impact of ESG within their portfolio.

Our long-standing ESG offering has now been upgraded with new ESG data and analyzes. We now support:

  • ESG guideline monitoring at portfolio level
  • Portfolio ESG risk analysis
  • Quick identification of portfolio investments in sustainable and ‘red-flag’ securities
  • ESG ‘what-if’ analysis

We have also made significant enhancements to the Style Skyline™ which provides traditional fundamental equity factor analysis right alongside ESG factor exposure for a complete view of the portfolio’s style. 

Download the Factsheet and learn more by clicking here.

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