We wanted to share the highlights of our Reworking ESG event held in New York City on November 5, 2019. Our event brought together industry experts to discuss the importance of ESG integration, not just into a portfolio, but in the overall process and operations of a business. Some of our key takeaways were:

  • Megatrends: millennials, who will inherit baby-boomer wealth, are 10% more likely than the general population to consider ESG as part of their investment decisions and women are 15% more likely to do so than men. The relevance of ESG is only going to increase over time.
  • Solutions are in place now: despite continuing challenges with finding alpha and lingering data gaps, investors are not waiting to integrate ESG into the investment process. Over 80% of attendees said ESG integration is their primary approach.
  • ESG brought to life: our collaboration with Sustainalytics brings ESG and factor-based analysis side-by-side with portfolio risk distributions and what-if scenarios. ESG isn’t simply understanding individual company policies – it’s demonstrating how those companies and their approaches relate to the rest of the investment process through advanced analytics.

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