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18 January 2019

Peer Insights for Asset Owners Factsheet

How do you find the best funds to meet your investment objectives?

The investment landscape has truly changed, with an increasing number of funds coming online, boasting innovative sounding strategy names and objectives. It is harder than ever to pick the right fund managers and validate their investment strategies, with due diligence and portfolio assessments requiring several rounds of meetings, often taking months to complete.

With the right tools you can easily look into a desired managers investment style and even compare perspective managers. Peer Insights™ creates an objective and transparent playing field, in which similarly named funds can be compared with each other and an overall peer group. These insight give investors decision making power, as style factor exposures inherent within equity portfolios are revealed in an objective way.

Asset Owners will be able to confirm whether existing or prospective fund managers are acting in-line with a promised investment philosophy, or if there are better and more suitable funds available based on the desired investment objectives.

Download the factsheet to find out more.