Factors as a Service

A unique reporting service exclusively for qualified asset owners and asset managers. Get all of the vital factor and ESG analyzes – without allocating any of your resources – at only a fraction of the cost.

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All the factor and ESG insight at a lower cost of ownership

Our Factors-as-a-Service gives you all the critical factor information in a convenient PDF report. We do 100% of the work and you get 100% of the benefit.

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Easy to Understand yet

Comprehensive Factor Analysis

See how each fund’s factor profile has changed over time for more in-depth conversations with your managers. Our reports even pinpoint the causes of the change drivers – market effects, factor value shifts, benchmark rebalancing and portfolio trading activity.

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Factor Performance Attribution

Understand the source of your portfolio’s returns: what portion came from factor weighting, from asset allocation and from individual stock selection. Identify which managers are benefiting from being at the right place at the right time, and which ones are actively betting on winning stocks.

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