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Style Analytics Peer Insights™

Peer Insights™ can help you understand exactly how different equity funds compare. Constructing a new fund or looking for investment opportunities? Style Analytics Peer Insights™ provides objective factor-by-factor comparisons between individual funds and their peer groups. Identify underlying exposures to investment styles, sectors, countries and risk, and use this as a basis to make superior choices. This kind of competitor analysis also offers you unique insights into how different managers compare, by seeing the top holdings which are behind the factor exposures.



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Competitor analysis tools for better fund positioning

Asset Managers

Competitor analysis is essential in a saturated investment market, as to attract new investors, each manager needs to make sure their fund stands out against the competition. Style Analytics Peer Insights™ delivers factor-based comparisons that go beyond fund labels, helping find compelling and unique insights which can help differentiate your fund.

Create custom peer groups to perform relevant comparisons

Look beyond industry benchmarks to compare your fund more effectively against relevant peers, based on your criteria

Pinpoint distinctions between competing mutual funds

Analyse best-of-class data powered by eVestment, Morningstar and Lipper to identify meaningful points of differentiation for your fund

Develop effective, objective communications for your clients

Market your fund with independent factor analytics that compare the drivers of your fund’s risk and return against peers

Peer insights to help you find a better investment

Asset Owners

Insights into peers is necessary when so many similar funds are crowding the market, making it harder to understand how one fund differs from another or which funds are more suitable for investment. This has become so increasingly difficult and laborious to understand, that competitor analysis is required. Style Analytics Peer Insights™​ makes it easy to compare funds’ and their underlying factor exposures to identify the various drivers of risk and returns, and via which factors these are achieved. Peer Insights also allows you to access the top holdings which are responsible for factor exposures.

Reliably compare portfolios with holdings-based, ex-Ante risk

Perform true “apples-to-apples” analysis with consistently applied and calculated ex-Ante risk measures across entire peer sets

Find the underlying differences between similar funds

Analyse best-of-class data powered by eVestment, Morningstar and Lipper to compare how factor exposures of multiple funds differ

Identify how well funds are aligning with their strategy

Compare how much competitive funds might be deviating from their intended style, or taking on unplanned exposures

Competitor Analysis for better client recommendations


Competitor analysis tools enable the most comprehensive research and due diligence for your clients. Build stronger relationships and trust based on more confident investment decisions and recommendations. Style Analytics Peer Insights™​ provides a unique level of competitor analysis, which allows you to independently validate an investment managers’ promised philosophy and compare between similar funds. Compare style factors and the top underlying holdings to understand exactly what you are getting.

Increase confidence in your recommendations

Validate your guidance with Peer Insights™ to provide objective comparisons of competitive funds and peer groups

Present deeper comparisons with custom peer groups

Go beyond industry benchmarks and compare funds more relevantly with peer groups based on your criteria

Produce clear, comprehensive and comparative fund communications

Deliver recommendations more effectively with thorough fund comparisons and consistent factor-based analytics across peers, markets and portfolios

Competitive analysis for the best recommendations


Competitor analysis tools can help you select the best funds for your clients using a factor lens. Peer Insights™ allows you to compare multiple funds by converting complex data into intuitive, easy-to-interpret graphs. View funds against relevant peer groups and major competitors. Finally you can access previously hidden insights, using completely unbiased data. Create meaningful reports and stronger client relationships with well-supported recommendations.

Reveal distinctions between apparently similar mutual funds

Analyse independent data powered by Morningstar and Lipper to pinpoint meaningful differences between investment products

Reliably compare portfolios with holdings-based, ex-Ante risk

Perform true “apples-to-apples” analysis with consistently applied and calculated ex-Ante risk measures across entire peer sets

Create custom peer groups to perform powerful comparisons

Look beyond industry benchmarks to analyse products more effectively based on your selected criteria

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Powerful, factor-based insights

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