Similyzer™ – a new way to immediately see exactly how funds are similar and how they differ. Our Holdings-based analysis compares factor exposures and shows comparisons on performance, risk measures, ESG and a host of other metrics for over 28,000 funds and ETFs.

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Find All Competing / Similar Funds

Win more assets by showing how unique your fund really is. Instantly identify all the funds with factor attributes similar to your target fund of interest, in order of similarity. Use this to spot new competitors and to identify their strengths and weaknesses compared to your fund.

See Exactly How Funds are Similar and How They Differ

Hours of manager research done in seconds. Identify competing funds and see how they are alike and how they differ to ensure you’re invested in the right fund. Compare them on factor and sub-factor exposure, performance, risk measures, ESG scores and more.

Identify Differentiating Attributes of Your Fund

See exactly how your fund of interest differs from competitors and from funds with similar characteristics. Use this for: Diversification Analysis, Manager Selection, Competitive Analysis, Identifying Manager Skill, and more.

Similyzer™ Resources

Download or view our associated Similyzer™ resources and client stories to see exactly how funds are similar and how they differ.

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Factsheet for Asset Owners

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