Sylvia Kwok


Sylvia Kwok is the Chief Marketing Officer at Style Analytics and is based in London.

With over 15 years’ marketing experience in financial services, covering both the buy and sell side, Sylvia has led many firms into growth periods through robust multichannel lead generation marketing programmes that clearly articulated the value of their products and services.

More recently, she worked at Vermilion Software (now a FactSet Company), Markit and SimCorp to streamline their marketing to sales workflow to increase the sales performance of these firms.

Sylvia began her career in financial services at Man Investments Australia. One of her main objectives was to expand the OM-IP series offering into Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. After four years at Man, investment inflows from APAC formed a significant part of their fund raising.

After moving to the UK, Sylvia joined FTSE Group where she lead the marketing efforts globally to grow FTSE’s non-cap weighted index suite.

Sylvia has a BA in Business Management from the University of Westminster.